Management of the project

O. The Project Executing Agency

The Zimbabwean PEA is the recently established Government-Industrial organisation SIRDC, and the director, Prof. Chetsanga, is the scientific advisor to the Government. SIRDC is therefore ideally placed to establish and co-ordinate this project. SIRDC's organisational infrastructure and aims are described in attachment 3. Overviews of the Triangle Ltd and Kings College London are provided in attachments 4 & 5 respectively.

P. Supervisory Body

The supervising body will be the International Sugar Organization

Q. Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation

These activities will be conducted in accordance with Common Fund for Commodities requirements.

However, a feature of the project monitoring and evaluation will be the assessment of Phase I of the project to be conducted as part of the mid-term review. Phase II of the project will only proceed if the findings of the mid-term review are favourable.

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